iLeaseMyCar Auto Lease and Loan Calculator for the iPhone


Version 1.3.3 has been released.  Version 1.3 helps you with your down payment and cap reduction calculations by taking your trade-in value, loan amount and cash down as inputs.  It also includes a sales tax field for iLoan. 

Please update to version 2.2.1 of the iPhone software to ensure compatibility with future versions.

Occasionally the permissions on third party apps can get corrupted and need to be reinstalled.  If iLeaseMyCar doesn't open when you press the icon, or launches and quits immediately then it needs to be reinstalled.  To do this delete it from your iPhone or iPod by holding down the icon till it wiggles, the click the X to delete it.  To reinstall just plug it into iTunes, click on your phone, then the applications tab.  Put a check mark next to iLeaseMyCar, then click sync.  You can also download it again directly to your phone from the app store.  It will ask you for your iTunes password, then tell you that you have already purchased it and let you download it again for FREE.

Send me your suggestions or report bugs to make  iLeaseMyCar better.

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