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Auto Lease and Loan Calculator for the iPhone and iPad


iLeaseMyCar Pro is the premier tool for auto finance on the iPhone or iPod Touch.  Use iLeaseMyCar Pro to confidently negotiate an auto loan or lease.  This is a tool that is equally as valuable for the sales person as the consumer.

Car Shoppers:  Use iLeaseMyCar Pro to estimate how much car you can afford based on your payment using the reverse calculator.  Run numbers at the dealership along with your sales person to make sure you understand the deal and are not being taken advantage of.  Store your best deals in your deal garage as you shop around.  Spend $3 to save hundreds if not thousands!  See how iLeaseMyCar Pro works by following the step by step tutorials below.  Find residual and MF information at this great site.

Lease Rates - Ride with G

Car Sales Professionals:  Use iLeaseMyCar Pro to run payments for your customers, email them the numbers, store their contact information, and save their deals in the deal garage for quick access and for following up.  One commission will pay for this app hundreds of times over.  If you are sales, you have to own iLeaseMyCar Pro!  See how iLeaseMyCar Pro works by following the step by sep tutorials below.

If you are having issues getting the payment to match your dealer software, send me a lease worksheet from your dealer software and I'll show you how to configure iLeaseMyCar Pro to match to the penny.  So far I haven't had a case where it doesn't.

Send me your suggestions or report bugs to make  iLeaseMyCar Pro better.

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 iLease Tutorial

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 iLease XL Tutorial

 iBuy XL Tutorial

 YouTube iLease 4.0 Video

 YouTube iBuy 4.0 Video

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the Deal Garage Video.  This was the new big feature in version 2.0 that let's you store and reload up to 30 lease and loan deals!

 Deal Garage YouTube Link for Version 2.0

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